Technical support

German Aerospace Center, Project Management Agency
Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 2
10178 Berlin, Germany

IT Support
phone: +49 30 67055-767

Scientific support

Dr. Falko Drews
0049 (0)228 3821-1742

Dr. Axel Aretz
0049 (0)228 3821-1151

Dr. Hubert Misslisch
0049 (0)228 3821-1271

Project Management Agency
Health Research

Online registration for electronic proposals

ERA-NET on Translational Cancer Research (TRANSCAN). Joint Transnational Call 2011 (JTC 2011):

European Research Projects on "Validation of biomarkers for personalised cancer medicine"

The stage of electronic proposal submission has been finalized. You will be informed on further procedures after the review board meeting and decisions of the national funding organisations.